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the Project SUPERJCAN.COM is one of the areas of the Group of Companies SPC "POLITECHNIKA" leading manufacturer of Elastic Reservoirs and Industrial Membranes for the Fuel and Energy Market, the needs of State-Order, the emergencies Ministry and the Ministry of Defense Industry of the Russian Federation. Main website: br>
The project SUPERBAK created for the production of Elastic (travel) Backpack Jerrycans series PRJC and Soft Fuel Tanks SPT with the aim to make life easier for lovers of Active Leisure, and replace stereotypes associated with metal and plastic containers, tanks and Jerrycans.
What is PRJC and SPT
the PRJC – Portable Backpack Jerrycan, SPT Portable Soft Fuel Tank
SUPERBAK is a polymeric elastic (collapsible) containers designed for carrying, transportation by all modes of transport and storage of various liquids, including gasoline, diesel fuel, motor oil and other petroleum products, and water technology, drinking water and food liquids (only in the new PRJC): juices, wine, beer, and more. br>
Soft Tanks SPT is ideal as a primary or additional (external) tank for the ILO machinery: Quad bikes and jet skis, motor boats, yachts, snowmobiles and cars. br>
Also for boats and yachts SUPERBAK used as additional (external) fuel tank, or under the ballast water. For example, a tank (500 litres) is mounted on the nose of the vessel, if attached at the stern of the watercraft.
what material produce soft cans and tanks?
Jerrycans and Tanks SUPERBAK consist of an inner seven-layer oil-resistant polyurethane sheath (TPU) having the ability to stretch up to 700%. The material is universal, except its ability to work with aggressive mediums, until the acids, the material is approved for food products. br>
Outer shell capacity SUPERBAK – reinforced fabric Oxford D-600 (similar to tarp). Tanks are supplied with slings with handles for fixing and carrying, and Cans only slings-straps for carrying on the shoulders. br>
Temperature range of -50oC to +50oC
How durable soft cans and tanks?
In addition to the material characteristics described above, Jerrycans and tanks SUPERBAK very durable can withstand some pretty strong blows with a blunt object, a ramp on the stairs, hitting the gas and hitting the edge of a shovel. Of course direct puncture, for example a knife, or dragging sharp metal edges, or broken glass should be avoided in other and plastic Jerrycan will also suffer damage. Therefore, before installing the tank, you should remove all the sharp objects in its proximity.
What sizes of containers SUPERBAK available?
Foldable Backpack SUPERBAK Cans produced in 3 sizes – 6 - 12 and 21 liter. Soft Tanks– 12 - 25 -50 – 100 - 250 and 500 liters. At your request, we can provide the tanks with a volume of 1000 liters and more, but this is a series of PER-N, or PEER IN – Polymer Elastic Reservoir (E.g. Oil and Water) more on the main company website
Where and how to use soft tanks and cans SUPERBAK?
Cans SUPERBAK in its functions, as you can see, versatile! Packed size allows you to transfer them in any format, whether it is a bag, pack, backpack or car glove box, or camping bag for motorcycle tanks. br>
Often people stock up on cans of different sizes for different needs. SUPERBAK 6 and 12 liters great for water storage because they are not of greater weight, Soft Jerrycan - 21 liter, to fit under the water in the camp sites of a larger company, shoulders the weight of 21 liters is quite noticeable, but you can fill it and not completely. br>
The whole idea of the soft backpack of cans that you don't need to carry a bulk container under water, for example in the mountains, in the forest, climbing the rocks or rafting. All you need is to go to the place and took out a Jerrycan from a pocket of the backpack to fill it with water, for example from a spring. br>
If you travel by Moto technique, Jerrycan SUPERBAK suitable for the supply of water and fuel. For example, when going on a motor boat users are advised to take along a few cans of folding 21L. For example, if necessary, you approach the shore, take in a bag or pack your Jerrycans SUPERBAK in packaging and fuel at the nearest gas station, come back and fill their m a means of continuing their way. br>
As mentioned above, soft SUPERBAK tanks are used as main or additional tanks on Moto technique easily connected to the fuel system directly. On the m medium soft fuel tanks are used for fuel, water, etc., and for the organization of containers for bio-waste. Tanks installed on deck and in compartments of boats, duckboards, lockers, banks etc. In this case, the collapsible tanks are used as an intermediate filling station, an overflow from the Jerrycan into the Tank you don't mind.
What fuel can be filled into soft tanks and gas cans?
In our Tanks and Jerry Cans you can fill almost any type of fuel. Sealed internal shell of the product is not diffusive, i.e. does not pass the fuel vapors out and with careful use (if not to throw the outer shell) you will be deprived of displeasure to taste nasty smell of gasoline. br>
Collapsible tanks and tanks SUPERBAK can be refilled at filling stations as they are not made from plastic, this won't be a problem, no one complained.
Formed is explosive vapours of gasoline in the soft tank, or the Jerrycan?
When filling tanks or cans SUPERBAK, not even fully, you should act according to the instructions, namely to pull the extra air out of the filler so that the product has risen to its edges. So you get rid of air cushion in the tank and no space for vapour, the capacity turns into a solid "drop".
What are unloading / loading of the neck are supplied with tanks and Jerrycans?
Collapsible tanks SUPERBAK, standard, be carried out only with the upper neck 24mm (fuel). At your request, we can install a bottom drain and the neck 12mm (food). br>
Soft Tanks are manufactured with two unloading / loading taps. In the center of the tank has a filler neck 24mm. able to accept transfer the gun stations. At the front of the Tank drain outlet size 12mm. Do not forget before the first filling via SUPERBAK "gun" station to spread its capacity in the area of the neck, blowing her mouth or fountain of gasoline you provided! br>
Additional fittings, not supplied.
is There a lower drain mouth on the soft tank?
In the near future, our website, you can order: brass ball valve, fitting adapter, pipe clamp, FUM tape and fuel hose saving your time. Meanwhile, all this can be purchased in the nearest hardware store.
How draining product from the soft of cans and tanks?
Draining product from tanks SUPERBAK be done by gravity. Because of the capacity after filling the air is removed through the unloading / loading tap, it produced excessive pressure under its own weight and the product blends quite strong flow.
Remains whether the remaining fuel into soft fuel tank?
SUPERBAK in containers after draining of product residue are left. When using tanks with a volume of 100 liters and more, to collapse the tank as you drain the product in the direction of withdrawal, thus creating an overpressure.
is it Possible to connect the soft tank directly to the engine?
Our Fuel Tanks are designed not only for storage but for direct connection, both the main or the extra tank, connecting directly to the fuel system.
How to connect the soft tank to the fuel system?
To the small neck is screwed, through FUM tape, ball valve 12mm, which, through FUM tape to adhere the fitting is suitable for connection with the fuel hose further connecting with the fuel system. Draining occurs by gravity.
is it Possible to refill soft tank on Board?
Dressing soft tanks SUPERBAK on Board your technique is only possible when using back-pack Cans, as the weight of tanks from 50 liters is quite noticeable in carrying. We advise you when buying a tank over 25 gallons to purchase a few cans in the kit and use them as intermediate containers for filling your SUPERBAK.
Where you can set soft SUPERBAK?
Yes, in fact wherever there is enough space and no sharp objects. The tanks stretchy and when completed will take the form of the chosen compartment.
if you damaged the SUPERBAK?
Just like when you damage a plastic or metal container, you will still have to part with your SUPERBAK – but do not despair, we are always ready to sell you new:) Get to our office, or send photos of damaged SUPERBAK and as a regular customer we will give you a discount of 30% from its value. But with your feedback about our work to our website!
If you have any questions, please contact us by tel: +7 945 783 01 67 or mob: +7 (906) 708 35 26, or write on e-mail


- A flexible polymeric containers designed to carry, transport all modes of transport and storage of various liquids:
motor gasoline, diesel fuel, engine oil and other petroleum products and technical water, drinking water and food liquids (only for new PPH): juice, wine, beer, etc ..

Soft Tanks SUPERBAK ideally suitable as a main or additional tank for motor vehicles: quad and jet skis, motor boats, yachts, snowmobiles and cars.
The main advantages of the consumer SUPERBAK:
  • low weight;
  • compactness;
  • tightness;
  • mechanical strength;
  • biological;
  • inertia;
  • High speed loading and unloading;
  • resistance to aggressive media;
  • temperature range from - 50 ° C to + 50 ° C
Jerrycans SUPERBAK available volume: 6-12-21l
Tanks:. 12-25-50-100-250-500l
. Tanks larger volume on the site:


It consists of a seven-layer internal oil and petrol resistant TPU polyurethane skin has the ability to stretch up to 700%.

Material SUPERBAK universal, except for its ability work with aggressive mediums, until the acids, the material is approved for use under food products.

Outer shell of tank SUPERBAK – reinforced fabric. Tanks are supplied with slings with handles for carrying and fasteners, cans slings-straps for carrying the shoulders.

Temperature range of -50oC to +50oC.

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